Keenan Jones

Computer Science: Game Design and Development Concentration

Here is where I will publish some of my personal and school related projects that I have created throughout my career.

Storm Defense: This is a game that I created my Junior year with five others using HTML5, CSS and Javascript.
You can Play Here and Download Here

Lunar Lander: A basic game I made using Python and pygame
Code Download Here

Election Survey: A survey website I created with 3 others using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL
Code Download Here

Olymbots: This is a game that I created over the course of my senior year for my capstone class.
This game is a cumlination of six four player mini-games, for the year I worked on the capture-the-flag type game Arena King
I worked mainly on the level design of the game, along with the implimentation of parts of the networking and UI.
Downloadable Exe will be available soon
Code Snippets Upon Request

You are currently looking at one of my projects! I programmed this entire website from scratch using HTML5 and CSS.
I have experience in MySQL databases, and code snippets can be provided upon request.